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Treasury Board

The Treasury Board is a policy board in the executive branch of state government established under Section 2.2-2416 of the Code of Virginia. Among its powers and duties, the Treasury Board exercises general supervision over all investments of state funds, administers the Security for Public Deposits Act and the State Non-Arbitrage Program, makes recommendations to the Governor on proposed financing arrangements, approves the terms and structure of certain bonds or other financing arrangements paid from state appropriations - which includes General Obligation Bonds, establishes guidelines for bonds or financing arrangements, and approves the financial terms of lease purchases for state agencies.

Statutory Requirements for Membership: Under Section § 2.2-2415 of the Code of Virginia the Treasury Board is comprised of the State Treasurer (Chair), the Comptroller, the State Tax Commissioner, and four additional members appointed by the Governor. Appointees have a background and experience in financial management and investments, and serve at the pleasure of the Governor.

Gubernational Appointees

  • Neil Amin
    • At pleasure of Governor
  • Douglas Densmore
    • At pleasure of Governor
  • James Carney
    • At pleasure of Governor
  • Luis R. Mejia
    • At pleasure of Governor


  • Manju S. Ganeriwala (Chair)
    • State Treasurer
    • Appointed January 1, 2009
    • At Pleasure of Governor
  • David A. Von Moll
    • State Comptroller
    • Appointed January 14, 2006
    • At Pleasure of Governor
  • Craig Burns
    • Tax Commissioner
    • At Pleasure of Governor

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