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Welcome to the Commonwealth of Virginia’s investor website.  We appreciate your interest in Virginia bonds and your investment in the future of our Commonwealth.  Depending on the type of bonds you own or are considering purchasing, your investment is supporting essential government services through new state buildings and infrastructure, public safety facilities, parks and recreation, conservation, museums, port development, and education facilities ranging from K-12 to higher education.  Just as you believe these projects are important and worthy of your capital investment, we believe it is important to provide you with a website designed to facilitate the disclosure of documents and other information you might appreciate as you monitor your investment.      

Thank you for visiting our investor portal.  Please explore our General Obligation, Virginia College Building Authority, Virginia Public Building Authority and Virginia Public School Authority sites.  If you have any questions regarding our bond programs, please contact me or my staff.

Manju Ganeriwala, State Treasurer

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Press Release
Virginia Ends Fiscal Year 2018 with $551.9 Million Surplus as General Fund Revenue Collections Increase 6.3%

For Immediate Release:  July 12, 2018

Contacts:  Office of the Governor:  Ofirah Yheskel, Ofirah.Yheskel@governor.virginia.gov

Surplus driven by payroll withholding and nonwithholding income tax collections

RICHMOND—Governor Ralph Northam announced today that Commonwealth of Virginia reached the end of fiscal year 2018 with a revenue surplus of approximately $551.9 million.

Total revenue collections rose by 6.3 percent in fiscal year 2018, ahead of the revenue forecast of 3.4 percent growth. The main drivers of the revenue increase were growth in payroll withholding and nonwithholding income tax collections.

“On the strength of a record $2.4 billion in revenue collections in the month of June, I am happy to announce that preliminary figures indicate that the state concluded fiscal year 2018 with an approximately $551.9 million surplus in general fund revenue collections,” said Governor Northam. “This significant surplus will substantially increase the Commonwealth’s cash reserves in order to protect taxpayers against a future economic downturn and further affirm our valuable AAA bond rating. I am particularly encouraged by the strong growth in payroll withholding, which is a sign that our investments in building a stronger economy and a more-prepared workforce are paying off for Virginians in every corner of the Commonwealth. As we close the books on this fiscal year, I look forward to working across the aisle to build on our economic momentum and build a Virginia that works better for all people, no matter who they are or where they live.”

Provisions in the Virginia Constitution, the Appropriation Act, and the Code of Virginia specify how most of the fiscal year 2018 additional resources must be assigned. These numbers are preliminary, the final fiscal year 2018 surplus tally, including transfers, will not be available until the August 17th Joint Money Committee meeting.

Analysis of Fiscal Year 2018 Revenues
Based on Preliminary Data

  • Total general fund revenue collections, excluding transfers, exceeded the official forecast by $551.9 million (2.9 percent variance) in fiscal year 2018.

    • The 29-year average general fund revenue forecast variance is plus or minus 1.6 percent.
  • The fiscal year 2018 revenue surplus is attributable to prudent fiscal management, including Virginia’s consensus revenue forecasting process.

    • In its fall meeting, the Joint Advisory Board of Economists (JABE) opted for the standard forecast.
    • The business leaders and General Assembly members that make up the Governor’s Council on Revenue Estimates (GACRE) also adopted the standard forecast but expressed concerns about the timing of federal expenditures and their impact on Virginia.
    • The continued adoption of a nonwithholding “collar” that limits forecasted growth in payments as it relates to historical performance of this source as compared to total general fund revenue growth.
  • The fiscal year 2018 revenue surplus is largely due to stronger payroll withholding and nonwithholding income tax collections.

  • Payroll withholding and sales tax collections, 85 percent of total revenues, and the best indicator of current economic activity in the Commonwealth, finished $230.8 million or 1.5 percent ahead of forecast—almost all of this surplus was due to payroll withholding.

    • Estimates for these two sources are directly tied to the economic outlook developed during the fall forecasting process, and specifically, the outlook for jobs and wage income in the Commonwealth.
    • Payroll withholding growth of 5.4% was well ahead of the forecast of 3.5 percent growth.  This source was $227.2 million above the estimate, however about half of this amount is attributable to the July 4th holiday falling on a Wednesday and business tax payers submitting payments early.
    • Sales tax collections increased 3.1 percent as compared to the annual forecast of 3.0 percent.
  • Nonwithholding income tax collections finished the year above expectations, a 15.1% increase as opposed to the official forecast of a 4.3% increase.  The strength in this source came from individual estimated payments received in December and individual final payments submitted by May 1. 

  • Corporate income tax collections increased 4.2 percent for the year, behind the annual forecast of 5.7 percent.

Press Release
Governor Northam Statement on S&P Global Ratings' Upgrade of Virginia's Financial Outlook

For Immediate Release: June 8, 2018
Contacts: Office of the Governor: Ofirah Yheskel, Ofirah.Yheskel@governor.virginia.gov

Following budget adoption, agency moves outlook back to stable

RICHMOND—Governor Ralph Northam today issued the following statement regarding S&P Global Ratings’ move to affirm Virginia’s AAA bond rating and upgrade the Commonwealth’s financial outlook to stable. In April 2017, the ratings agency downgraded the Commonwealth’s outlook from stable to negative. The upgrade follows Governor Northam’s adoption of a historic budget that expands Medicaid and allocates more dollars for the state’s primary reserve funds.

“I’m encouraged that the actions we’ve taken to shore up our reserve funds and to finalize a fiscally sound budget have resulted in an upgraded outlook from S&P Global Ratings. This demonstrates the fiscal health of the Commonwealth and affirms the work we have done over the course of the session to ensure our critical AAA bond rating remains intact.

“This is a positive sign for Virginia’s economy and I look forward to continuing to work with the General Assembly to make the Commonwealth work better for every family.”